Minor in Digital Filmmaking



The Minor in Digital Filmmaking gives Art Majors and students across campus the skills to create sophisticated time-based media projects and learn advanced skills in film production at UC Irvine. The program is a hybrid of traditional and creative approaches with emphasis is on the production of new films for delivery online. With the Minor, Undergraduate students have the opportunity to produce their own works that contribute to the future of film as an art form.

DigiFilm teaches the value of traditional film production techniques and how content is created through form.  Student filmmakers study a range of film pre-production, production, and post-production courses to learn how to conceptualize, plan, execute, finish and deliver new works.  The future of film depends on students learning both traditional and experimental components of structure and content. Issues courses give the students a grounding in history, criticism and theory of experimental film and video art. Students learn to produce films for distribution on emerging platforms. Projects courses include documentary, narrative, and episodic web content to provide a range of creative opportunities for artistic expression and achievement.

Minor in Digital Filmmaking consists of eight courses coordinated to take the student well beyond the introductory level in the subject matter and discipline of filmmaking.

Art 81A: DigiFilm Production I
Art 81B: DigiFilm Production II
Art 108: DigiFilm Project I – 3 minute personal documentary
Art 127A: Issues in Video Art History or
Art 127B: Issues in Experimental Film History
Art 132A: DigiFilm Pre-Production
Art 132B: DigiFilm Post-Production
Art 141: DigiFilm Advanced Project I – 5 minute film
Art 153: DigiFilm Advanced Project II – 7 minute film or
Art 166A: DigiFilm Web Series – episodic content